Devblog #1 - Alpha Release

What's new?

With this version we introduce the new playable class, the Archer. She can fire away arrows from a long-range adding a new dynamic to combat. With her comes new combo ultimate interacts and class swap functionality.

We also added an additional enemy type. This new ranged enemy will fire away arrows while maintaining its distance. Careful team play will be require to take these guys down!

With the switch to online, we felt it necessary to allow teams more dynamic camera views. Players now each have an individual view of the environment and can spread out as they like allowing for more dynamic team based strategies.

Players have been switch to a permadeath system to emphasis the importance of team play. But fret not, once dead, players can spectate their teammates and provide strategical and moral support!

The game control scheme was adjusted to purely keyboard (with ranged mouse aiming) to allow us to focus more on gameplay feel and functionality rather than controller compatibility.

Combo ultimate indicators were scaled up and now linearly fill to make it more apparent when players have their combo ultimates available.

Color indicators below player's feet were added to make it more obvious who is who in game.

Lobby auto-join functionality has been added to make joining the game just a little more simple.

What's next?

Our goal, for next week, is to have a new fully playable level with interesting twists and turns to explore and fight your way through.

We plan on adding player ready up to the character select screen to make sure everyone is ready prior to entering the tutorial forest.

We intend to have full room selection functionality added for the next patch to allow players to create their own rooms and play with friends or as always simply queue up randomly and play with anyone.

Currently, when players swap classes on the character select screen, those changes are not reflect to the other party members. This is something we intend to have completely fixed by our next version.

We plan on fine tuning gameplay to make the experience more enjoyable. 


Lost Fantasy - 24 MB
Mar 30, 2020
Lost Fantasy - 24 MB
Mar 30, 2020

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