Devblog #2 - Beta Release

What's new?

With this week we decided to polish the game visually and audibly. We visually revamped the menus, the maps, and the enemies. 

We added entire new playable map to the game! This map allows the players to explore further into The Forest of Talandia. With this change we added a backstory to compliment the visual changes.

We heard your cries, the Druid attack has been changed! The new druid ranged attack can heal you and your teammates while also damaging enemies! Check it out!

Room creation and selection functionality is here! You can now create your own room lobbies and select which existing lobbies you want to join. Don't worry, random join is still around. Try this new feature out with your friends!

We reworked player permadeath into a new player respawn system. Once all players on a team a team die, the entire team respawns at the start of the current level with full health.

Enemies now spawn and despawn dynamically to improve performance. Additionally, enemies now respawn if you sit around in one place too long, so get moving!

Damage numbers are here! You can now see exactly how much damage each of yours and enemies attacks inflict. Hopefully this makes the game a bit more transparent. 

We greatly buffed the Bramble Combo Ultimate (Druid + Archer) in both damage and enemy movement speed reduction. 

Rejoice, player class now syncs across all clients! It is now a lot easier to coordinate player classes among a team.

You can now use left mouse button to attack! This was originally excluded due to issues with Photon not syncing mouse clicks across the server.

We added a crosshair to make it more obvious the direction the player is shooting in. 

Sound effects are now here! We associate sound effects with various actions taken throughout the game.

We introduced a new soundtrack with the collaboration of a fellow U of M student. 

What's next?

Our goal, for next week, is to have the final playable class, the Golem, fully implemented. Along with this new class will come new combo ultimates to check out.

We want to have the last two levels and the boss fully implemented by next week. Updates to the game's story will accompany this change.

We plan on improving network performance to improve hoard mode gameplay.

Consistency of sounds heard between clients will also be tackled.

Finally, we plan on further fine tuning gameplay to make the experience more enjoyable. 


Lost Fantasy - 29 MB
Apr 06, 2020
Lost Fantasy - 27 MB
Apr 06, 2020

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