Devblog #4 - Gold Release

What's new?

Story and Core Mechanics:

After our feedback last week, we realized our game was still heavily lacking in the guidance department. As such, we went in and added significantly more guidance to key features of the game. We also used the story telling aspect of the game to hint at some of its more subtle features. 

For those of you heavily invested in the gameplay story, we added in a brand new final level that has you and your team tackle the final obstacle on your journey to save the forest. Can you help the Grandfather Tree recover? But be warned, the corruption is making its biggest push.

The enemy AI rework that was undertaken last week has finally been finished! Enemies now dynamically determine their target based on a multitude of factors. Players who dealt more damage or are closer to any given enemy, are now more likely to become the target of said enemy. They will now also optimize their route to allow for a better chance at hitting the player.

Rejoice, you finally have moving feet! Players now finally walk, rather than magically slide across the map like floating wizards. 

We heard the cries for visual representation of the final gameplay outcome. Depending on whether you and your team save the forest, you will be presented with an overview of the aftermath.

Many players were confused as to when they actually managed to save a Guardian Tree. Now, the Guardian Trees will visually change as they recover from the corruption. Push for those healthy green leaves!

Gameplay Balancing:

  • Tutorial level has been made significantly easier
  • Reduced frequency of enemy respawns
  • Buffed Druid Attack speed (Double the Spirit Orbs!)
  • Forest's Blessing Ultimate now heals for 70% over its duration (previously 40%)
    • Duration increased, health gained per second decreased
  • Arrow Storm Ultimate now consistently releases in three waves of fifteen arrows a wave. 
  • Melee and Ranged Enemies are now even more mechanically distinguishable.
  • Melee Slimes now have reduced damage and health.
  • Ranged Slimes now have increased damage and reduced health.
  • Corruptor Slimes are now significantly stronger than their regular enemy counterparts (increased damage and health).
  • Adjusted forest decay rate to better fit with gameplay design.
  • Forest now heals itself a bit every time you save a Guardian Tree.

Minor Changes:

  • "Press _ to continue" functionality added to story narrative events to allow players to read at their own pace.
  • Juice added to forest decay bar to indicate when the forest health is deteriorating faster.
  • Esc menu added in game to allow easy game quitting at any point.
  • Unique soundtracks added for Menu vs In-Game.
  • Signpost markers added to indicate the end of an area.
  • More corruption pools added to areas to create more interesting combat situations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sounds not playing across all clients.
  • Heal/Damage numbers not properly being destroyed.
  • Inconsistent objective count across clients.
  • Corruptor enemies occasionally not attacking Guardian Trees.
  • Corruptor enemies occasionally being hard locked to target Guardian Trees.

What's next?

The EECS 494 Showcase. The current version of the game is hopefully something we can be proud of and something others will find enjoyable. 

At least for the time being, this is the final version of Lost Fantasy. If we ever return to the project, this itch page will be updated to reflect this.

If you want to support the creators in their future projects, please follow Royal Guard Studios.


Lost Fantasy - Gold 30 MB
Apr 20, 2020
Lost Fantasy - Gold 31 MB
Apr 20, 2020

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